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Speaking of Dan Winters, Runner's World Design Director Kory Kennedy sends along a little related backstory about a project Dan recently worked on for them:
We recently contacted him to illustrate the opener image for "Turning Up the Heat," a sweat-drenched report by one of our editors who volunteered to run in a heat chamber for sixty minutes at marathon pace (all while being poked and prodded by grad students) and coming to the brink of heatstroke. The assignment: visualize how running in extreme heat affects a runner.

Since we show lots of runners in our pages, we specifically asked Dan to create a construction for this concept. He presented us with a sketch of the Runner as pressure cooker which rolled the runner, heat chamber, and life-threatening conditions all into one neat little package (complete with race bib and steam blowing out from the top).

Below is the original sketch for the artwork as well as the final layout.

Note: If one looks closely at the bottom of the race bib, you'll see that "St. Sebastian's Cardiac Hospital" is the race sponsor. Concerned that we were listing an actual hospital in the art, I brought it up to Dan and he quickly clued me in on the joke... St. Sebastian is the patron saint of athletes. Genius! Dan was full of these little details which, along with his meticulous research, is what brought the piece to life...

Thumbnail image for RW_0809_HEAT.jpg

The Runner's World creative team includes:
Kory Kennedy : Design Director
Marc Kauffman : Deputy Art Director
Andrea Maurio : Photo Editor
Amby Burfoot : Writer (and weather-test-subject, from what we can tell)

Hey! You've probably got some NEW WORK to share, and we want to see it! We'll welcome anything that's gone to the printer recently, something you're especially proud of and think might be inspiring to the membership and readers of Grids. We'll note the credits and the publication and shine a little light on the latest and greatest in publication design.

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  • Andrei Michailov

    First of all Congrats! to Dan and the whole Runner's World creative team. The illustration and the opener layout are amazing. It will be great if they will share with us the rest of the layout too.

    And Dan, Congrats for the new Wired cover too!!!

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