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Send us your MJ Covers Have you designed a Michael Jackson in your past? Created one recently? Send us a JPG (5" tall, 72 dpi) to We're making a gallery, and starting off with our first submission here, from Bizz. More, from Rolling Stone, after the jump...

One year later, Billboard looks back at Michael Jackson's legacy with a focus on the end of "Wacko Jacko" and the rebirth of "the King of Pop."

Billboard, June 26, 2010; creative director: Christine Bower; senior designer: Greg Grabowy; illustration by Mark Stutzman.

Laurie Kratochvil pulls out a few from the archive Rolling Stone has posted, and tips us off to the photographers as well!

MJ_Bonnie Schiffman.jpg

MJ_Matthew Rolston.jpg

MJ_Herb Ritts.jpg
Rolling Stonephotographer: Herb Ritts.

Got a favorite, from the past or brand-new? Send it to us at and we'll post it!

[Updated: 06.21.10]

  • bandoswuu

    really love his song! his sound beat my heart. "beat it" forever!

  • Josh Klenert

    Always loved the Herb Ritts RS cover. The video he directed for MJ was beautiful.

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