TED TALKS: Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers

Worth a watch. With a background in architecture Jacek approaches newspaper design with a fresh perspective and some interesting numbers to back up his theories. As the last line in the summary of his talk on TED.com reads "Can good design save the newspaper? It just might." You be the judge.

  • Grant Glas

    Riveting post.

    This video speaks volumes and highlights what most of us encounter on a daily basis. The issue of trust and power. Jacek says, "Give power to designers."

    With this power, great change is possible.

    Jacek accentuates this notion perfectly. His newspaper layouts are beautiful and serve a purpose. (function and form)

    To answer the question: "Can good design save the newspaper?" No. however...

    Can it play a part in its success: Yes.

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