Spring Has ....Sprung?

Spring Has ....Sprung?

...in Argentina that is!

Same time zone, different channel...I mean season...yours truly is headed to the southern hemisphere for the 31st annual SND Workshop and Exhibition next week in Buenos Aires....

Designers, photographers, typographers and journalists from all over the world will assemble, along with our own friends and information visualization extraordinaires including Luke Hayman, Karl Gude, Nigel Holmes and Malofiej's Alberto Cairo. This roving reporter groupie will do her best to tweet the highlights of the visual journalism summit and keep Evita (well, Madonna really) jokes to a minimum...unless of course she gets swept away a dreamy futbol goalie or challenged to a tango throwdown.

DataLovers...architecture...planetariums...gorgeous steaks...Malbec wine...hydrofoil planes...
AND polo ponies???


;) /// HJ
  • Heather Jones

    Thanks Mark, just arrived after a wicked long flight and shared a taxi to the Sol Melia with Nigel from the airport... I'll try to tweet the events to Grids when I finish hollering with AT&T in broken Spanish) and will upload to facebook too...wish you were here, only an hour in and I already saw ponies! /// HJ

  • Mark Kaufman

    I just signed up to follow SPD Tweets. Looking forward to vicarious living. Tchau!

  • Mark Kaufman

    Damn. I've been trying not to think about this conference for months now. I love charts. I love BA. I hate the fact that I can't go.

    Have fun.

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