Andrew Horton's BusinessWeek covers

Andrew Horton's BusinessWeek covers

Andrew Horton has been the art director of BusinessWeek since January 2007. In late 2007 he worked with the Modernista folks to redesign the magazine and give it a sleeker, more "modern" look. Since then his BusinessWeek covers have consistently been among the smartest and most creative in the business. They're simple, intelligent, direct, and clever. In the tradition of Time magazine AD Arthur Hochstein, many of the covers are totally created and executed by Horton himself. And when he uses photographers and illustrators, they're topnotch. We salute his ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity with a beautiful collection of 10 great BusinessWeek covers.

After you've seen these contemporary covers, visit this website for a gallery of knockout BusinessWeek covers from 1929-2009, collected by Andrew Horton and his colleagues Steven Taylor and Ron Plyman.

BW FRugality Oct 20, 2008.jpg
Illustration by David Rudes. Reluctant Revolutionary cover illustration by Sean McCabe.

Andrew Horton on his cover design: "My philosophy on covers has always been a simple one: idea beats execution. The most beautifully-realized design doesn't work as well for this magazine as the cleverest, boldest image and headline. BusinessWeek is a magazine of analysis and ideas as much as it is about news breaking, and I feel the magazine is at its best when the cover reflects that. Every single one of these covers started on either my sketch pad or on a napkin at wherever I ate lunch that day."

BW covers1.jpg

Left: Illustration by Christoph Niemann. Right: Design by Andrew Horton.

BW Grudge match June 16, 2008.jpg
Design by Andrew Horton.

BW covers2.jpg

Left: Photograph by Chris Buck. Right: Illustration by Matt Mahurin.

BW Optimism Aug. 24&31, 2009.jpg

Ostrich head: Brian Stablyk/Getty Images, Ostrich body: Getty Images. Design by Andrew Horton.

BW covers3.jpg

Left: Brendan Simalowski (Bernanke), Win McNamee (Paulson), design by Andrew Horton. Right: Illustration by Joe Zeff Design Inc.

  • Josh Klenert

    One cover I thought was quite clever:

  • kiley

    Horton's covers are exemplary and a great resource for teaching university-level media studies. I think they synthesize sophisticated ideas in accessible ways and that shows true creativity in a glut magazine market place.

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