Newspaper Album Covers

Newspaper Album Covers I've been listening to lots of old albums lately, especially from back in the late 60s/early 70s days. Of course, that was the golden album of rock album cover design, when no expense was spared, and no idea was too trippy. (And then of course, there were those gatefold covers, very useful at party time, or so I've heard...). One of the most popular design trends in those days was to create album covers that looked like newspapers, and not underground or alternative types, but regular old mainstream papers, which were not considered cool by any stretch of the imagination. So here, with no redeeming value, except pure fun, are some classics of the genre.

Eric Burdon & War: Love Is All Around.jpg

Eric Burdon and War: Love Is All Around, 1976.

Thick as a Brick LP cover.jpg

Jethro Tull: Thick As a Brick, 1972. The album originally came packaged with a 12-page newspaper.

Guns 'n Roses: Lies.jpg

Guns N' Roses: Lies, 1988.

4 Seasons: Genuine Imitation Life.jpg

4 Seasons: Genuine Imitation Life Gazette, 1969.

Pete Seeger: Gazette Vol. 2.jpg

Pete Seeger: Gazette Vol. 2, 1961

Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers.jpg

Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers, 1969 (front and back covers)

Brahms: Double Concerto.jpg

Columbia Symphony Orchestra: Brahms "Double Concerto"

  • Alexander Flores

    What a cool case study. Wonder if there are others out there yet.

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