Wilco as Design Resource

Wilco as Design Resource I find the rock band Wilco's poster collection a handy resource for some of the most elegant, witty graphic fine-artists working today. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, including Uncle Tupelo and the whole constellation of side-project bands associated with them, have contributed substantially to the elevation of extraordinary, modern poster design. Like Pearl Jam--and countless others, though the latter band really sets a contemporary high bar for execution and profligacy--Wilco just gets it, and gets it good.  Below only a fractional sampling of their limited edition posters with links to the studios or individuals who created them. The first image you see is called "Fractured" by FloraFauna. --ad
"Bric a Brac" by Little Jacket
880-max.jpg"Goldenrod" by Jose Garcia
243-max.jpg"Wingspan" by Lawrence Azerrad (check out his other Wilco collaborations: wicked!)
Picture 5q.png
"Rightside Up"  by F2 Design

899-max.jpg"Boardwalk" by The Heads of State
900-max.jpg"King of Rocks" by John Lackey (site not working last check, will update)
1180-max.jpg" The Air Up There" by El Jefe Design (MASTER alterna-rock poster god)
1884-max.jpg"Tree of Life" by Micah Smith aka My Associate Cornelius
1946-max.jpg"Milled Wood" by Hammerpress
1885-max.jpg"Pull the Blinds" by Flora Fauna (same studio as the opening image)
1172-max.jpg"Motor Madness" by Voltage Design Lab
923-max.jpg"No Wonder" by Lucky Bunny
1047-max.jpg"Flasher" by Methane Studios
1044-max.jpg"2005 European Tour" by 33Rpm Design
812-max.jpg"Visitor" by Ghost Town (another insane poster house)
208-max.jpg"The Worker Poster" by Get a Clue Design

  • John P. Lackey

    Nice piece. Best band working. Regarding my website for the Red Rocks poster, it should be working, http://www.homegrownpress.com


  • Justin Gabbard

    Man, Wilco has had great luck with attracting amazing designers and Illustrators. I guess making consistently great music has it's advantages!

  • Josh Klenert

    Fantastic stuff. Bob, you can "waste" a lot more time here:


  • Robert Newman

    Great stuff. Every studio that links is a winner, too. How am I supposed to get any work done when there's all this cool design to look at? This is a brilliant post!

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