The design of Gourmet magazine

The design of Gourmet magazine After Gourmet magazine closed down on October 5, we asked the art staff for some of their favorite feature spreads and covers from the past couple years. Although the covers of Gourmet often garnered the most attention, the insides of the magazine were brilliant and sparkling as well, and received much acclaim and many awards. Here are four covers and 10 beautiful feature openers from Gourmet. Creative director: Richard Ferretti; art director: Erika Oliveira.

(Above left): August 2008 cover photograph by John Kernick.

Watch for the best of Cookie magazine, coming next week!

Gourmet covers.jpg
Photographs clockwise from top left: Romulo Yanes, John Kernick, Romulo Yanes, Mikkel Vang. 

Gourmet art and photo staff: associate art directors: Flavia Schepmans, Kevin DeMaria; art assistant: Vanessa Shyu; photo editor: Amy Koblenzer; associate photo editor: Megan M. Re; photo coordinator: Laurie Nelson: photographer (in-house): Romulo A. Yanes.

Freeze Frame Romulo Yanes.jpg

Photographs by Romulo Yanes.

Caribbean Dreams Roland Bello.jpg

Photographs by Roland Bello.

Spice Is Right William Abranowicz.jpg

Photographs by William Abranowicz.

Hungry Heart Marcus Nilsson.jpg

Photographs by Marcus Nilsson.

Smooth Operator Photo John Kernick.jpg

Photographs by John Kernick.

Sonoma Brown W. Cannon III.jpg
Photograph by Brown W. Cannon III

Home Sweet Romulo Yanes.jpg

Photographs by Romulo Yanes

Illuminated photo John Kernick.jpg

Photographs by John Kernick.

The Producers Christian Witkin.jpg

Photographs by Christian Witkin.

Child's Play Roland Bello.jpg

Photograph by Roland Bello.

  • Josh Klenert

    Its striking that CN didnt try to sell GOURMET. They brought back VANITY FAIR, they brought back HOUSE & GARDEN (twice?). I wouldn't be surprised if GOURMET is back in some form in the future.

  • dp_danpeterson

    Gourmet's closure leaves a real hole in food media. It was inspired. The art/editorial team's love of food was there to see on every page. The food photography and styling always had such depth and texture - never falling into the flat, digital, overly cleaned trap that so many magazines do. I'll miss Gourmet. Congratulations to the team that worked on it.


  • Grant Glas

    Spectacular work... Love the "Smooth Operator" spread.

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