The FADER: Double Vision

The FADER: Double Vision Last year, The FADER's annual photo issue focused on the AIDS crisis in the United States; this year #64 marks the 6th annual photo issue for the music mag, and features "the changing landscapes and people across America" with photography by Peter van Agtmael and Victoria Sabunaris, and an interactive feature that brings the reader into the photos.

The magazine tells us...
Award-winning photographer Peter Van Agtmael returns in F64 from last year's photo issue with an expanded look at his personal photo project documenting the people he's met traveling across the country, while Victoria Sambunaris trains her powerful lens on sweeping landscapes depicting the modern Americans' relationships with the land. In The FADER's Photo Special issue, Sambunaris' photos run across large spreads to give them their proper space.
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Our corresponding web feature for the Double Vision Series features interactive Zoomify® slideshows of Victoria Sambunaris' landscape photos along with a slideshow of Peter van Agtmael's photo essay soundtracked by snippets from radio stations across the country. With Zoomify® viewers can narrow in on the details, truly getting a textured view of the photos' topography. In addition to their visual dialogue in the magazine, van Agtmael and Sambunaris participated in a discussion about the nature and genesis of their projects. The Double Vision Series will also include spotlights on the personal photographic projects of several frequent FADER contributors, to be published over the next several weeks.

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  • dp_danpeterson

    This is just beautiful, from a huge fan of Phil's creative direction. I personally rate FADER as the number one magazine in the world from a creative concept and execution perspective - I'm always banging on about it to workmates and colleagues.

    FADER has a mandate to document the next generation of cultural and musical leaders. They succeed with aplomb. The assured impact of the typography and the amazing photography commissioned and edited is industry leading, absolutely outstanding.

    This issue has only built on the outstanding work Phil and his team have done to date, they continue to impress with every issue. Well done to everyone involved and please keep up the great work.


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