Blue Q, Baby

Blue Q, Baby

I heart Blue Q. And I heart the guy who runs it; Mitch Nash. Think you're not familiar with Blue Q? If you've seen Cat Butt magnets, Dirty Girl soap or Boss Lady compacts, then you know the wise guy stuff that the Pittsfield, MA company creates. 

I got to know Mitch Nash casually through teaching at SVA, where he does an annual show and tell for the MFA Design students. We've done a few projects together now, and left to me, I could spend entire weeks working on his ridiculously fun merchandise with just a few pauses for bathroom breaks. Blue Q has commissioned designers like Louise Fili and Haley Johnson to do bags, soaps and all kinds of seriously groovy stuff, and if you spend a little time perusing their website,, you'll want to do all your holiday shopping there.

Every little detail is considered and is every word tailored for maximum cleverness. Mitch is a man of many ideas and even more faxes, and clearly someone who makes time for fun every day. Blue Q products appeal to designers because, well, they're just so good looking, and silly. Check it out:


  • Andrea Dunham

    This is the Little Rickie's guy! luv!!!

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