Tips & Tricks: Illustrator Timesavers

Tips & Tricks: Illustrator Timesavers

Our partners at Adobe have a wealth of videos, shortcuts and insider info available at Adobe TV. As part of our mission to help every member be more creative, more efficient and just generally better at everything you're doing, we're working to bring the highlights to you in GRIDS as often as we can. This week: time is money, so saving time means saving money. Here's an Illustrator tip that helps do just that...

Check out this video on editing artwork twice as fast with the latest Illustrator CS4:

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Like this? New Tips&Tricks are posted on Tuesdays, but if you've caught the tips-n-tricks bug, head over to Adobe TV and learn more.... you can never get too much of the good stuff. If you have a fave** you think we should highlight, send us a link at and we'll feature it.

**If you can find another example of my favorite new word "Adobe-cadabra" being used, I will send you a free SPD Annual of your choice. You gotta love someone's enthusiasm like that about their job! - ES

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