Fast Company Goes Inside's Relaunch

Fast Company Goes Inside's Relaunch

A month after the relaunch, Fast Company goes inside the philosophy behind's facelift (designed by HUGE). Read Alissa Walker's full story here.
  • Jeremy LaCroix

    There are some great insights here. In general simplifying navigation and revealing content only when appropriate to the end user is a huge trend I'm seeing over the last 12 months and CNN has done an outstanding job of filtering just enough information on each level in order to keep the overall experience clean.

    It wasn't that long ago (two years?) the mantra was throw everything at the screen and let the user click on whatever they want. I'm overjoyed now that that phase of web philosophy is over and we can progress to more elegant solutions.

    I also liked the part where they talked about how they share duties on the edit creation side. A writer might do a video and a producer could write a blog post etc... in this new era of small staff, small resources and high turnaround I'm seeing this strategy employed at an increasing rate. Part of it is pure survival the good side is that some surprising new things can happen with content when you shake up the old "Silo" paradigm.


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