SPD Membership: Essential Benefits & Privileges

SPD Membership: Essential Benefits & Privileges It might seem impossible, but it's that time of year--for many people, your SPD membership has expired, and we'd like to help you renew. For a few more of you, you've been lurking, checking us out--we're happy to say, to all of you, we've worked out a few things we hope help seal the deal, because it's essential to us that we count you as a member in this collective of people who love magazines in all their forms and styles. Read on after the jump for tons of reasons to join or renew today...

First off, there's the gorgeous new PUB 44 Annual, featured above. 2008 was one of the most exciting, chaotic, challenging years in recent memory -- and this book shows it all. Designed by Tom Brown & Todd Albertson, PUB 44 features every winner in every category as the very best work of the year. With your renewal, we'll ship this copy to you with your new membership card immediately. We're also willing to offer you this: renew before the end of the year, and we'll run your membership through to January 1, 2011 -- that means you're getting discounts for the PUB 45 competition, speaker and gala discounts and also the PUB 45 Annual when it's out a year from now, as a member. Two Annuals, one year -- that's good math.

We also want you to know, we've looked at our costs carefully -- we know it's important to justify your membership not just to yourself, but to the people who are reconciling your accounts (even if that's just you, with glasses on). So we've found a way to offer a lower membership rate, as long as you RENEW (or sign those new people up!) ONLINE HERE. It streamlines things on our end, it puts an instant receipt (for your glasses-self) in your hands, and it's up to $20 cheaper. We know you have something to do with an extra $20 right now.
In addition to the Annuals and a lower renewal rate, we're also working so that SPD works better for you. Members-only benefits include:
    •    for PUB 45, chaired by Debra Bishop, CD at More, and Casey Tierney, DP at Real Simple, we will shine that spotlight on the very best work--the work that, when you see it, makes you want to just get back to work yourself, to catch up. (Need entry forms? Click here.) And we'll have a Gala in May to celebrate everyone. We're all in this together, and our resilience, and community, make it worth it; that's most important.
    â€¢    improving the website so that members have personal pages and an easier way to connect directly (but not, necessarily, for public consumption--we want you to have a great job!);
    â€¢    reduced-admission for Speaker Series nights to inspire (George Lois on his MoMA show), educate (Gina Barnett on being a better communicator in the office) and challenge you ("The Year of Living Dangerously: The Rollercoaster of Running a Studio These Days"), among other upcoming nights this Spring;
    â€¢    working with Adobe to secure bigger, more frequent discounts for our members who need to upgrade their tech, and training to make it easier when the IT department is suddenly vanished (or remains as helpful as ever, for some of us);
    â€¢    our partnership with InaNet continues, giving you the best, and earliest, connection to new jobs as they become available;
    â€¢    finally, we're on a mission to get you away from your desk, and connected together, more often, as much as we can. For members, there are always perks!
Of course, all of those things happen because of the continuing support of SPD members--shouldn't that include you?

Without YOU, there is no competition, no Gala, no Annual, no Speaker Series, no New Work on Grids, no Student Outreach. This is an organization OF people--it's right there in our name. We want your membership to be an asset you not only want, but need, and we will continue working to improve its value to you just as we work to ensure that the work you do is be recognized as the essential part of our culture that it is.
We look forward to counting you as a member of SPD. Sign-up for the very first time, or renew, today, and thank you.

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