The tasty brilliance of Cookie magazine

The tasty brilliance of Cookie magazine Children's/parents magazine Cookie debuted in November 2005, and left the Earth in October
2009. In that four-year run they established a look that was both playful and elegant, funky and chic, with tightly-refined typography and state-of-the-art illustration and photography. Design director Kirby Rodriguez and his art and photo crew were high-level smart in their approach to magazine-making.

And we always loved that multi-colored logo that looked like a mash up of refrigerator magnets and....cookies.

Here's a collection of covers, feature section openers and feature spreads that reprises the beautiful (and oftentimes award-winning) Cookie look. Special thanks to Kirby Rodriguez and photo editor Darrick Harris for pulling together this collection.

The Cookie art and photo staff:

Design director: Kirby Rodriguez
Art directors: Alex Grossman, Kristina DiMatteo
Designers: Nicolett Berthelot, Shanna Greenberg
Photo editor: Darrick Harris
Associate photo editor: Linda Denahan
Assistant photo editor: Rebecca Etter
Photo coordinator: Aja Nuzzi
Fashion director: Jennifer Smith
Prop stylist: Dane Holweger

Cookie covers 1.jpg
(Left) November 2008, photographer: Art Streiber. (Right) May 2009, photographer: Patrick Demarchelier.

Cookie covers 2.jpg
(Left) August 2009, photographer: Matt Jones. (Right): December 2009, photographer: Matt Jones.

Feature well openers 1.jpg(Left) Photographer: Dwight Eschliman. (Right) Photographer: Horacio Salinas.

Cookie feature well openers 3.jpg
(Left) Photographer: Craig Cutler. (Right) Art work: Jonathan H. Liu; photographer: Nate Grubbs.

Feature well openers 2.jpg
(Left) Photographer: Craig Cutler. (Right) Illustration: Peter Bollinger.

Cookie feature well openers 4.jpg
(Left) Photographer: Horacio Salinas. (Right) Photographer: Jason Madara; Prop stylist: Dane Holweger.

Cookie Amada Peet fea.jpg
August 2008. Photographer: Matthew Hranek.

Cookie Bouncing Back fea.jpg
Photograph: Horacio Salinas.

Cookie Year of the Ox fea.jpg
February 2009. Photographer: Nick and Chloe.

Cookie Food Fights fea.jpg
Photographer: Horacio Salinas.

Cookie Head of the Class fea.jpg
September 2009. Photographer: Platon.

Cookie They Might Be Giants fea.jpg
September 2008. Photographer: Nick and Chloe.

  • Matt Tierney

    That "They Might Be Giants" shoot/feature was one of my favorites.

    My wife and I got on the bus early with Cookie. It came out right between our two kids, and we were reading EVERYTHING. We let the subscription lapse after a couple years, because as parents, the content was a bit out of reach ($650 kid's outfits?).

    But as an A.D., Kirby & Co. made the book a pleasure to look at. I still have a dozen or so in my office and I flip through them regularly for inspiration.

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