Tips & Tricks: Create a Flash Web Gallery in Adobe Bridge

Tips & Tricks: Create a Flash Web Gallery in Adobe Bridge

More and more, we're all being asked to flex our muscles in the world of web design, and, admittedly, there's a completely different learning curve there, so not all of us are completely caught-up yet. Here's a  quick tip about using just one Adobe product from the Creative Suite, Bridge, to create a flash web gallery for your images: dazzle your web editor with a fast gallery of out-takes from a recent shoot, highlight great items from a FOB/BOB section that got squeezed for space in a last-minute page close, or, best of all, show off your own updated work on your personal site. Catch the video after the jump and get prepared to wow...

In case you were as agog as we were the first time we caught this, here are some highlights: a variety of HTML or Flash templates, ability to customize appearance, thumbnails, upload to your FTP site directly from Bridge, preview in your Browser to fine-tune before it's live.

All in all a pretty great feature on that under-the-radar part of the Creative Suite, Bridge, and a fast way for you to amp up your creative portfolio with pretty low-key effort!

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