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The New York Rocker The New York Rocker was the definitive music and culture publication in NYC in the early 1980s. With art direction by Elizabeth van Itallie and photos and photo editing by Laura Levine, it was also very cool-looking. There's no central online archive for Rocker covers, although editor/publisher Andy Schwartz has started a blog of music writing here. But thanks to Elizabeth van Itallie, we've got some Rocker covers on the SPD site, and you can see even more here.

(Above): June 1980, The Pretenders, photograph by Ebet Roberts, design by Chris Nelson.

NY Rocker.jpg

(Left): Pylon, March 1981, photograph by Teri Bloom. (Right): Human Switchboard, April 1982, photograph by Laura Levine, design by Richard Yeend.

For more information on the history and background of the New York Rocker, take a look at this three-part interview with chief photographer and photo editor Laura Levine. Many art directors today are probably more familiar with Laura Levine's illustration and paintings.

NY Rocker2.jpg

(Left): X, September 1980, photograph by Laura Levine. (Right): Gun Club, March 1982, photograph by Deborah Feingold.

For an more extensive collection of New York Rocker covers, go here.

  • julian

    wow Bob c'mon you wouldn't censor my post when people want to find out the truth about Bob Pfeifer the lead singer (photo aboved) and founder/lead guitarist/writer of would you?

    Click the link to find out about the felonies and awful demise of Human Switchboard


  • julian

    Wow Bob! Thanks for the memories! Sadly (see link) went from garage band with an edge to convicted felon (founder guitarist lead vocalist Bob Pfeifer) after wiretapping a hooker and going to JAIL. A crazy sordid story. So sad he went from rags to riches to RAGS.

  • julian

    Wow, how sad. didn't know the founder, lead singer, guitarist, creator was a felon who hired hookers and ended up in prison for wiretapping... sad... drugs apparently got the guy.

  • laura levine

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Bob! Ah, the memories. Now that you mention it, I also shot a lot for the Soho Weekly News and Paper, and yes, Details too which was pretty happening back in the day and part of that whole scene.

  • Emily Smith

    I'm with Tom: let's get our Flux Capacitors fixed and get back to this New York. These are fantastic.

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