Black History Month Magazine Covers

Black History Month Magazine Covers
In honor of Black History Month, we've collected a series of publication covers featuring noted African American artists, personalities, and historical events. The covers include artwork and photos by Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Aaron Douglas, Michael Roberts, Gordon Parks, and Moneta Sleet Jr., and personalities such as Miles Davis, Naomi Sims, Shirley Chisholm, and superhero the Black Panther. There are also a number of "firsts," including the first black male model on the cover of GQ, and the first black model on the cover of Playboy. This collection is being updated daily throughout the month. You can find daily cover updates here.

Please let us know if you've got any covers to add to this collection.

(Above): Fortune, January 1968, cover art by Romare Bearden, for "A Special Issue on Business and the Urban Crisis."

The Black History Month cover series was co-produced by Linda Rubes of Fortune magazine.

Black History covers.jpg
(Left to right): (1) Time, April 6, 1970, painting of Jesse Jackson by Jacob Lawrence, for a special issue on "Black American 1970." (2) Life, October 17, 1969, featuring model Naomi Sims, "Black Models Take Center Stage." Sims was the first black model to appear on the cover of a mainstream women's magazine, when she was on Ladies Home Journal in 1968. Photograph by Yale Joel. (3) Rolling Stone, December 13, 1969, photograph of Miles Davis.

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(Left to right): (1) The New Yorker, April 29, 1996, illustration by Michael Roberts for the "Black in America" special issue. (2) Playboy, October 1971. This cover features Darine Stern, who was the first black model on the cover of Playboy. Photograph by Richard Fegley. (3) Jet, June 23, 1966, attempted assassination of civil rights leader James Meredith, who was shot while leading a March Against Fear from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi. This AP photo by Jack R. Thornell later won the Pulitzer Prize.

Black History covers3.jpg
(Left to right): (1) The Crisis, A Record of the Darker Races, May 1929. Founded in 1910, The Crisis was the magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). W.E.B. DuBois was the editor until 1934. Illustration by noted Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas. (2) Fantastic Four, #52, July 1966. This was the first appearance of the Black Panther, who was the first black superhero to appear in a mainstream American comic book. He eventually got his own book in 1977. Art by Jack "King" Kirby, inking by "Joltin'" Joe Sinnott. (3) Ebony, February 1969, featuring Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to the U.S. Congress. Photograph by longtime Ebony and Jet photographer Moneta Sleet Jr. Sleet became the first black person to win the Pulitzer Prize, for a photograph of Coretta Scott King at the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr.

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(Left to right): (1) Fortune, October 1946, "African Gold Rush," cover art by Jacob Lawrence. In 1941, Fortune published Lawrence's Great Migration Series paintings, a visual history of the great black migration from the South to the North after 1900. This was Lawrence's only Fortune cover. (2) GQ, November 1979, featuring Renauld White, the first African-American model on the cover of the magazine. (3) The New Yorker, October 12, 1992, illustration of Malcolm X by Josh Gosfield.

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(Left to right): (1) Rolling Stone, July 10, 2008, photograph of Barack Obama by Peter Yang. This cover won the American Society of Magazine Editors 2009 competition for best magazine cover of the year. (2) Time, November 1, 1968, Mayor John Lindsay of New York City, illustration by Romare Bearden. (3) Life, November 9, 1953, photograph by Gordon Parks (his first Life cover), of Jill Corey.

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