How magazine celebrates 25 years of publishing

How magazine celebrates 25 years of publishing

Graphic design mag How is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. Over the years How's covers have featured images and design from a wide array of talented illustrators, typographers, and art directors. They've collected a gallery of 25 of the best covers here. We've got 10 of our favorites here, including the 25th anniversary cover (left), featuring design by Bridgid McCarren and illustration and typography by Darren Booth.

How1.jpg(LEFT TO RIGHT): (1) November/December 1985 (debut issue). Art director: Don Owens, illustrator: Alan E. Cober, photographer: Carl Fischer. (2) January/February 1988. Art director: Stephen Sullivan, illustrator/designer: David Carson. (3) May/June 1988. Art director: Scott Menchin, illustrator: Scott Menchin.

Early issues of How were very illustration-oriented, including the debut issue (above left) featuring art by Alan E. Cober. David Carson designed several covers for How, including the one above center.

How2.jpg(LEFT TO RIGHT): (1) January/February 2003. Art director: Tricia Barlow, illustration/typography: House Industries. (2) November/December 2007. Art director: Susan Smith, photographer: Hal Barkan. (3) March/April 2000. Art director: Amy D. Hawk, illustrator: Luba Lukova.

Creative typography has always been featured on How's annual type issue. Typographers supreme House Industries created the burning log font featured above left. In the past few years the How logo became one of the biggest in the business (center), with the art directors integrating it into the cover design in very organic ways.

(LEFT TO RIGHT)(1) November/December 1993. Art director: Scott Finke, illustrator: Paul Davis. (2) July/August 1994. Art director: Scott Finke, illustrator: P. Scott Makela. (3) May/June 1989. Art director: Scott Menchin, illustrator: Eugene Mihaesco.

How is running a readers' poll on their website to pick the most popular cover from the past 25 years. You can vote for your favorite How magazine cover here.

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  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    What a fantastic history HOW magazine has. And its evolvement over the years has been fun to watch (I'm just lovin' their giant logo right now.) When HOW debuted in 1985, I was hooked. There was no other design magazine like it that appealed to my pragmatic side. I've made their "Typography Issue" a student assignment for my classes for years. Three Cheers for HOW!

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