David Cowles' Black History Month illustrated portraits

David Cowles' Black History Month illustrated portraits In honor of Black History Month, illustrator David Cowles has posted a gallery on his Facebook page of 28 portraits of noted African American activists, celebrities, and entertainers. It's a great collection of illustrations in a variery of styles, all of them distinctive and memorable. We've got a dozen more examples here; visit Cowles' Facebook page and website to see many more.

(Pictured above): Actress Pam Grier.

David Cowles.jpg
(Left to right): Martin Luther King, Jay-Z, Halle Berry

David Cowles2.jpg
(Left to right): Civil rights leader Julian Bond, Queen Latifah, Actor/director Forest Whitaker.

David Cowles3.jpg
(Left to right): Singer Jennifer Hudson, Duke Ellington, Chris Rock.

David Cowles4.jpg
(Left to right): Alicia Keys, President Barack Obama, Will Smith.

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