Rare Specimen No. 2
Crown Jewels

Rare Specimen No. 2 Crown Jewels As part of this year's PUB 45 celebration of great, inspiring work, we're asking people to share some of their personal inspirations with all of us. Our second entry in the Rare Specimen catalogue comes from Gail Anderson, who shares about a (dangerous) collection. For Gail's take on these small treasures, keep reading...

What began as an innocent collection of found caps soon blossomed into an ebay obsession... and a membership in the Crowncap Collectors Society International (with annual meetings in Harrisburg, PA). Several hundred bottle caps later, I was organizing by flavor in binders, and in those black cardboard display cases that you put dead butterflies in. My collection was nothing compared to those of my fellow club members, with their rare, complete sets of Katzenjammer Kids comicaps.

But then my little gems turned on me.

I wiped out on a stray bottle cap on my apartment floor (a comment on my poor housekeeping, no doubt), and after knee surgery, ended up on crutches for four months. Where was the love?

-- Gail Anderson

Check back next week for Rare Specimen No. 3, and see all of this year's greatest work at the Gala on May 7th!

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  • Tom O&aposQuinn

    Wow, I love this... what a great hobby.

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