10 for 10

10 for 10

North Carolina native Criswell Lappin is celebrating his 
10th year as the Creative Director of Metropolis. In that time he has created some of the most beautiful and memorable covers in the industry. The highlight, he says, has been the collaborations he's enjoyed with likes of George Lois, John Fulbrook and more recently with Post Typography in the magazine's redesigned issue, "What's Next."

Making it ten years at a single publication is almost as accomplished as some of the great work that he has produced in that time. We've selected a few of our favorites covers and noted the name of the design collaborator when applicable:

COV_01_10-1.jpg(Above) issue 01.10; design by Post Typography

03_08_cover.jpg           05_09_MAY.jpg

(Left to right) (1) issue 03.08, design by Peter Mendelsund, designer at Knopf
(2) issue 05.09 design by John Fulbrook and Tim Goodman at Collins, photography by Christopher McLallen

07.01_George Lois Knoll.jpg       07.03_COV.jpg

(Left to right) (1) issue 07.01, design by George Lois (2) issue 07.03, designed in-house

09-07_Cover.jpg          10.03_COV.jpg

(Left to right) (1) issue 09.07, illustration by Andrew Taray (2) issue 10.03, design by DJ Stout

11-07_COV.jpg          12.01_COV.jpg

(Left to right) (1) issue 11.07, designed in-house (2) issue 12.01, designed in-house

7-8_09_JUL-AUG.jpg(Above) issue 07-08.09, photography by Tim Hursley

  • jamie ezra mark

    The Dubai Rising cover is one of my favorite magazine covers of all time. Fantastic work, Criswell! Thanks for sharing.

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