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All My Eyes visual blog All My Eyes is the new visual blog by former Fortune magazine graphics editor Linda Eckstein. Brilliantly edited, written, and curated, All My Eyes features visual inspiration from many visual disciplines, including poster design, packaging, photography, illustration, information graphics, found objects, historical paraphernalia, and much more. Eckstein draws on an impressive knowledge of contemporary and archival sources to present images that delight, inspire, and educate. 

Recent posts include: photos from the Life archive of 1950s ice skaters, Chinese Tiger firecracker labels, the photography of Dora Kallmus, vintage copies of early 1900s NAACP magazine The Crisis, 1960 jewelry advertisements, and a collection of Argentinian bus tickets. The images are accompanied by simple, elegant prose. This is hands-down my favorite visual blog of the moment, and it keeps getting better with every post. All My Eyes is essential viewing.

(Pictured above): Part of a post on duotone movie posters, this one from Persona

Linda Eckstein blog.jpg
(Left): Vintage jewelry ad, mid-1960s. (Right): Chinese firecracker label from a post celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

Linda Eckstein blog2.jpg
(Left): From the Life magazine photo archive, in honor of the Winter Olympics, Barbara Ann Scott, 1947. (Right): From a Valentine's Day post on typographic love styles, illustration by Peter Max.

Linda Eckstein blog3.jpg
(Left): Vintage Swiss design, Charles Kuhn, 1941. (Right): Demon Machine, photograph by Dora Kallmus

Linda Eckstein blog4.jpg
(Left): The Crisis, magazine of the NAACP, September 1927. Illustration by Aaron Douglas. (Right): Found typography on 125th Street.

All My Eyes blog, edited and curated by Linda Eckstein.

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  • Josh Klenert

    Love the post on duotone movie posters. That "BULLIT" poster rocks.

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