Overzealous with Photoshop?

Overzealous with Photoshop?

Did Vogue get a little carried away with Photoshop with their Tina Fey cover? Check out the full story from the Daily News.


  • Josh Klenert

    The next episode in the retouching saga:

    GQ Denies Enhancing January Jones’s Breasts on the November Cover


  • Brandon Kavulla


    Kind of funny the only thing difference they are pointing out is the scar.

    Of course i can't help but think about all those moving covers people are demoing these days and how this kind of thing will evolve. Can't change the shape of someone's face in a film…or can you? *cough*…avatar…*cough*…

  • Koop

    This morning I received my new issue of Esquire and was startled at how over the top Tina had been digitally altered. Im not sure if this is per her request to have her scar removed or not, I think it is a great quality that should not be hidden. After all, no one is perfect, scars tell a unique story about one's self.

  • Andrea Dunham

    I remember watching the Oscars and while Ryan Seacrest was interviewing Tina, her scar was startlingly visible and I thought to myself, "whoa, did she lose a fight with a curling iron or what the hell?" and that must be because I'd never noticed it before on 30 Rock, since I'm thinking they must digitally retouch it out, and now just flipping through James White's photoshoot with her in Esquire, they did same so.. no big whoop.

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