Illustration Magazine: Great Resource and Inspiration

Illustration Magazine: Great Resource and Inspiration One of the best resources for archival illustration I've found lately is Illustration magazine, published and edited by Dan Zimmer. This quarterly magazine is jammed with beautifully reproduced illustrations, magazine and book covers, and in-depth stories about illustrators of all kinds from 1900-1970. Of course the printed magazine is the best way to appreciate all this brilliant work, but their website has digital versions available of all previous issues. This is an amazing resource and learning guide. In addition, they have extensive links to other sites that will keep you looking and marveling for a long time.

Illlustration mag.jpg
Covers of Illustration magazine. Their website has 28 complete issues available in digital format. Left: Illustration by McClelland Barclay. RIght: Illustration by Robert Maguire.

Illlustration mag2.jpg
Illustration magazine editor/publisher/designer Dan Zimmer covers illustration from 1900-1970 in extensive detail. Left: Barbara Bradley. Right: Al Parker.

Illlustration mag3.jpg
There's a heavy emphasis on book, magazine, and pulp cover illustration. Left: Robert Maguire. Right: Eugene Iverd.

Illlustration mag4.jpg
Left: William Andrew Loomis. Right: WIllard Mullin.

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  • ccartabiano

    I love the digital format. It's so accessible and easy to scroll through. Wish I could spend a whole day just looking through every single one. What a great resource. Thanks!

  • Andrea Dunham

    SO beautiful! Damn. I'm all over this archive.

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