Magazines Go To The Movies

Magazines Go To The Movies

This week's Time Out New York cover (illustrated by The Red Dress), reminded me of several movie-inspired magazine covers and layouts. With the Oscars this weekend, why not look back on cinema-inspired layouts. It looks like its been fertile ground for John Korpics (both at Entertainment Weekly and Esquire). Remember seeing others? Done some yourself (I include a few of mine)? Send us yours... we'll post them here.

Billboard (channeling The Social Network; double page spread); creative director: Andrew Horton. (February 5, 2011)

VIBE_50 Cent_Hollywood.png
VIBE; featuring 50 Cent; art director: Florian Bachleda.

Esquire, 2003; art director: John Korpics; Illustration: Joe Zeff.

Esquire; featuring Willem Dafoe; art director: John Korpics; Illustration: Joe Zeff.

Billboard, November 3, 2007; featuring Eddie Vedder and Sean Penn; 
creative director: Josh Klenert; art director: Christine Bower; senior designer: Greg Grabowy.

Billboard; featuring Common; creative director: Josh Klenert; art director: Christine Bower; senior designer: Greg Grabowy.

Bio HHMovie Open_web_400.jpg
Biography magazine; creative director: Don Morris; art director: Josh Klenert
designer: Greg Grabowy.

EW_Korpics_Godzilla cover.png

EW_Korpics_Frat Pack.png

EW_Korpics_Summer Movie Preview.png

EW Fall Movie Preview.jpg
Entertainment Weekly, Fall 1995; design director: Robert Newman; art director: Michael Picon.
(Great subhead: "You Autumn Be In Pictures")

GQ (Romanian Edition), March 2009; art director: Catalin Pantazi.
Andrei Michailov, former Senior Designer with the Romanian edition of GQ shares their one page opener done for a story called "For Oscar, We Stay Home."

[updated 01.31.11]

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