Master Class: TypIDentity
"This typeface is confusing."

Master Class: TypIDentity Ever wonder what it's like at the top?  Ever stare at your Indesign-ed monitor, wishing you could churn out award-winning work (or even work that matters?!) Ever flip through Blender, Wired, or New York and and wish you had those resources, or knew how they got it done? What's separating you from the Dirks, the Dadichs, and the Dixons? Well, now -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! If you're one of the first 10 people to sign up for SPD's new Master Class series, that is...

What is it? It's an exclusive opportunity to learn from the top dog, those in the know and willing to share. An opportunity to not only be inspired, but also to learn from publishing's brightest talent in a small hands-on environment. Ask all the questions you want and push back on the answers. Show some of your own work. Address some of your most pressing challenges. Find out how they get it done...and frankly, how you can get yours! After this 1-day intensive workshop, you'll have a new mentor, a deeper professional network, and a broader skill-set to take to work on Monday morning.

Our premiere class explores the designer's age-old challenge of understanding the power, relevance and nuance of typographic dominance, led by none other than industry specialist Dirk Barnett. Sign up NOW...because we're serious about that 10 person limit! Read on for the particulars and remember to have your SPD Professional membership fully updated to participate:

FIRST MASTER CLASS: TYPIDENTITY, Saturday, April 17th, 2010

How does typographic storytelling create identity? This workshop analyzes magazine identity through typeface, hierarchy systems, and editorial voice. Explore effective type treatments in display copy, sidebars, and infographics. Learn how fonts work together to subtly build the overall look of the magazine.

Dirk Barnett has redesigned and launched multiple magazines and is an expert on the 3 tools all art directors have to work with: illustration, photography, and typography. According to Dirk, "The key to a magazine standing out amongst the hundreds of magazines out there is strong typographic identity."

Spend a day with this creative director, and experience hands-on design assignments & feedback, in-class brainstorming discussions, personalized one-on-one critiques, secrets of the trade, even a networking lunch!

Not to mention, while focusing on how to give your magazine a typographic personality, he will help prepare you to answer strange editor-based questions such as:
"This typeface is confusing."

"Can you do something to pop out that sidebar on the 3rd spread, it's getting lost and I really want to make sure readers go to it first when they open that spread."

"I hate this design."

"I love this design...can you just redo it so I can see what else you might do?"

So what can you expect from your day? Here's an outline of the way the workshops will go:

8:30 - meet & greet over breakfast // meet the people you'll be working with, critiquing, and being challenged by before the morning sessions begin

9am - Intro: TypeIdentity. Includes case studies of Dirk's own work to showcase and define typographic identity. As a small workshop with direct access to a mentor, this is encouraged to be a conversation, not a monologue.

10:15 - break

10:30am - Face Time: a hands-on assignment challenging you to solve creative problems using the typographic identity principles outlined during the overview.

12noon - lunch // catered lunch gives you an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, share war stories and tips, and caffeinate for the afternoon sessions

1pm - Critique: A group critique of the pre-class assignment. Students will share their strengths and challenges with the assignment, and compare with/prepare for similar experiences on the job.

2:15 - break

2:30 - 3:30 - Portfolio review: This is a chance to get one-on-one feedback from Dirk on your portfolio, website, or work-in-progress.



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