Photojournalist Charles Moore, R.I.P.

Photojournalist Charles Moore, R.I.P. The New York Times carries the obituary of noted 50s and 60s photojournalist Charles Moore, who passed away last week at the age of 79. A native Alabaman, Moore was a frequent photographer of the civil rights movement in the South, and his pictures in Life magazine were among the most influential and iconic of that era. His most famous photographs include Martin Luther King Jr. being arrested, and the fire hose and dog attacks on civil rights marchers in Birmingham in 1963. Moore's 2002 book, Powerful Days: The Civil Rights Photography of Charles Moore, is an incredible collection of the best of those images. There's also a slideshow of his work on the NPR website.

The photograph above shows civil rights demonstrators being attacked with fire hoses, Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.

See a selection of Charles Moore's best-known photographs after the jump.

Police dog attacking civil rights demonstrator, Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.

02.jpgMartin Luther King Jr., being arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, 1958.

Screen shot 2010-03-17 at 9.17.17 PM.pngFire hoses being used on civil rights demonstrators, Birmingham, Alabama, 1963.

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