Celebrating 'On Language'

Celebrating 'On Language' In late 2005, The New York Times Magazine's On Language column, a weekly reflection on current usage of the English language (traditionally written, since 1979, by William Safire), took a new visual turn. Instead of simply typesetting the headline each week in standard fashion, then-Art Director Arem Duplessis (who is now the Design Director) saw an opportunity to create something more; a forum for typographic play. He proposed that a different artist, designer or illustrator interpret that headline every week instead.

Five years and well over two hundred contributors later, the On Language column has become a showcase for contemporary typography. The New York Times Magazine is proud to announce an exhibition of these works: Curated over the years by Kristina DiMatteo, Gail Bichler, Leo Jung, Hilary Greenbaum, Cathy Gilmore-Barnes, Aviva Michaelov and Robert Vargas, the show includes contributions from Ed Fella, Marian Bantjes, Tauba Auerbach, James Victore, Karel Martens, Alex Trochut, Kevin Lyons and many, many more.

"Wordplay: The lettering of 'On Language'" opens on Thursday, April 22, at The New York Times Building, 620 8th Avenue, 7th floor. RSVP is required to: galleryseven@nytimes.com. We just RSVP'd -- hope to see you there as well!

Above illustration: Wayne White, November 4, 2007 issue.
Below, a glimpse at a few of the other works and artists who are part of the exhibit...

092505_Marian Bantjes_lores.jpgMarian Bantjes, September 25, 2005

100905_Ed Fella_lores.jpgEd Fella, October 9, 2005

103005_Julia Hasting_lores.jpgJulia Hasting, October 30, 2005

120405_Ashley Snow Macomber_lores.jpgAshley Snow Macomber, December 4, 2005

010806_Jacob Magraw_lores.jpgJacob Magraw, January 8, 2006

012206_Michael Gilette_lores.jpgMichael Gillette, January 22, 2006

031206_Carin Goldberg_lores.jpgCarin Goldberg, March 12, 2006

051406_Base Design_lores.jpgBase Design, May 14, 2006

052806_Phil Lubliner_lores.jpgPhil Lubliner, May 28, 2006

061106_Si Scott_lores.jpgSi Scott, June 11, 2006

012807_Hellovon_lores.jpgHellovon, January 28, 2007

022507_Sam Weber_lores.jpgSam Weber, February 25, 2007

030407_Louise Fili and Steven Heller_lores.jpgLouise Fili and Steven Heller, March 4, 2007

040107_Nomoco_lores.jpgNomoco, April 1, 2007

050607_Thomas Lee Bakofsky_lores.jpgThomas Lee Bakofsky, May 6, 2007

052007_Mariko Yokogi_lores.jpgMariko Yokogi, May 20, 2007

061707_Tauba Auerbach_lores.jpgTauba Auerbach, June 17, 2007

082607_James Victore_lores.jpgJames Victore, August 26, 2007

090207_Paula Scher_lores.jpgPaula Scher, September 2, 2007

112507_Carson Fox_lores.jpgCarson Fox, November 25, 2007

Click here for a look at the "Wordplay" works from 2008 on that will be featured in the show, and be sure to RSVP for the opening on Thursday, April 22, at The New York Times Building, 620 8th Avenue, 7th floor. RSVP is required to: galleryseven@nytimes.com.

See Celebrating 'On Language' Part 2 (2008-2010) here.


  • lanyin

    about time! can't wait to see the the exhibit!!!!

  • Andrea Dunham

    hands down my favorite page to flip right to, each week. always a surprise and always breathtakingly creative. Can't wait to get to that exhibit.

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