Rare Specimen No. 3
Matilde Montanari

Rare Specimen No. 3  Matilde Montanari Fellow Photo Editors,

How many email promos, entreaties, introductions and newsletters do you receive on a daily basis from photographers? 15? 37 maybe? Endless right? We love (insert big hearts here) photographers. Our life's work is to exalt their merits, support their every creative whim and beg to give them proper budgets. However, these blind solicitations we receive rarely ever surprise or even come close to exciting our core sensibilities.  That is until a couple months ago when I received an email from one Matilde Montanari...

Perhaps you all know Matilde's work but she's entirely new to me. She creates these painterly vignettes that are undeniably feminine and romantic but with an incredible graphic quality and an amazing saturation of color. They almost seem like they could have run in Harper's Bazaar back in the 40's and at the same time they feel wholly modern. I was instantly in love. So much so that I assigned her to feature story for Real Simple within days. Again, random email leads to feature assignment within days. For me, the rarest of specimens.

It gets better.  We had very little time to develop and execute the images for a story basically about taking time to smell the roses. I sent Matilde the brief on Friday and we met on a Monday.  She arrived with her sketchbook in hand, filled with beautiful illustrations of her ideas. She completely got the message and articulated our points perfectly.  She and her partner Andrea Morini, a very talented photographer as well, got to work on the production immediately and we had images in about a week. Here is some of the work we received from sketch to final. You can see the rest in Real Simple's April issue.

RS_ballet_sketch.jpg(the sketch)

RS_ballet_photo.jpg(the shot)

RS_books_sketch.jpg(the sketch)

NEWRareSpecimen_BookPhoto.jpg(the shot)

Be sure to check-in next week for Rare Specimen No. 4, and see all of this year's greatest work at the Gala on May 7th!

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  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    What a breath of fresh air. Love the color saturation. Love the intimate, anonymous vignettes. Watercolor sketches? Are you kidding me? Too precious, I want them. What a dream team to work with.

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