The New York Observer's Cover Illustrations

The New York Observer's Cover Illustrations The New York Observer describes itself as "New York's Smartest Tabloid." Although for many years it was a full broadsheet, The Observer, known for printing on salmon-colored paper, switched to the tabloid format several years ago. Brilliantly art directed by Nancy Butkus, the paper has long been outstanding for both its graphic crispness as well as the distinctive roster of illustrators that grace its cover each week.

Most weeks the cover art is by Drew Friedman, Philip Burke, Robert Grossman, Barry Blitt, or Victor Juhasz, although other illustrators occasionally make an appearance.  

(Above): August 24, 2009, illustration by Drew Friedman.

New York Observer.jpg
(Left to right): January 25, 2010, illustration by Philip Burke; September 15, 2008, illustration by Drew Friedman; March 8, 2010, illustration by Edel Rodriguez.

The Observer uses its front page to skewer the rich, powerful, and famous of New York City's political, business, fashion, and media worlds in the style of classic old school newspaper political caricature. This is a brilliant venue for illustration, and one of the last places where illustrators are still giving the ability to produce work with bite, character, and originality on a publication front page.

New York Observer2.jpg
(Left to right): October 13, 2008, illustration by Drew Friedman; illustration by Robert Grossman; February 1, 2010, illustration by John Kascht.

New York Observer3.jpg
(Left to right): June 15, 2009, illustration by Philip Burke; April 7, 2008, illustration by Victor Juhasz; September 14, 2009, illustration by Barry Blitt.

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