Today's Inspiration: Brilliant Archival Illustration

Today's Inspiration: Brilliant Archival Illustration Today's Inspiration. is a brilliantly written, curated, and edited visual website devoted to the history of editorial illustration from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The brainchild of Canadian illustrator Leif Peng, the site is updated daily and also has a daily email newsletter. This is the ultimate website for rich information on classic old school illustrators and illustration! There's also a new companion site, Female Illustrators of the Mid-20th Century.

(Above): Illustration by Ben Shahn, from Fortune, September 1953.

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Today's Inspiration is currently running a five-part excerpt from the September 1953 issue of Fortune, "The Boom in Paper-Bound Books," about the rise of paperbacks in the early 50s and the concurrent market for cover illustration. The posts are filled with great classic paperback covers from the era, brilliantly illustrated, of course.

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  • Josh Klenert

    Thats great. Reminds me of the (fictional) "I Can Read Movies" series

    Check them out here:

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