SPD.org has had a tech issue we wish we could undo: for the last month or so, dozens of comments you've been sending us have been missing in action. Well, they've been found and should be up here on the internets now. 

We've gone under the hood, and think we've solved the problem. We'll spare you all the tech jargon for what happened, but just to be sure: we'll send a shiny copy of SPD Solid Gold: 40 Years of Award-Winning Magazine Design to the first three people who comment to this post.

Sorry for the confusion, and keep the comments coming.

And for those of you looking for a lovely command-z necklace, look no further: Plastique is your place.
  • mfstpierre

    SPD= Speedy? Maybe not for problem fixing, but at least it's done! ;-)

  • Martin Gee

    thank you SPD! =)

  • Alexander Flores

    Darn, too late! (but happy to see the problem rectified!)

  • martha_k

    Way to fix the problem SPD!

  • El

    I love this site!

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