Rare Specimen No. 8
Beauty Solutions

Stephen Sullivan, freelance photographer, was a guest speaker at SPD's March [Design] Madness. He told us he was the "go-to guy," the "trouble shooter," always called in when they need a pinch hitter who works best under duress. Imagine: the celebrity with only 10 minutes to spare, or the store space that's still under construction but had to become some beautiful backdrop, or the 37 stills to shoot in an 8 hour day...

After a full day of shooting beautiful fashion, everyone was about to pack up. But Stephen still had something nagging at him. "Put the zebra fabric on the floor! Here, lay down on this. No, seriously!" And with the crew just waiting to go home, he snaps his last shots of the day. The glorious, endless jungle-striped snap with just a beautiful face and red shoes popping. Speaking of beautiful faces, who else would rip holes in your seamless and poke a model's head and hands through it? Talk about a fashion statement. Well, don't forget your props and accessories.

I just love working with this guy.


This is No. 8 in the SPD 45 Rare Specimen Collection. Want more? Click below, and celebrate this year's winners at the SPD Gala on Friday, May 7th. RSVP now while tickets are still available...

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