Celebrating 'On Language'
Part 2

Celebrating 'On Language'Part 2 In 2005 The New York Times Magazine began showcasing a different artist's interpretation of each week's 'On Language' column. Five years and well over two hundred contributors later, the space has become a weekly showcase for contemporary typography. On Thursday, April 22nd, the The New York Times Magazine opens the exhibition of these works, "Wordplay: The lettering of 'On Language.'" Last week we featured a few of the selected pieces from 2005-2007 that are part of the show; after the jump, some of the highlights from 2008 on...

Above, illustration by Fanette Mellier, March 2, 2008.

020308_Karel Martens_lores.jpgKarel Martens, February 3, 2008

032308_Sean Freeman_lores.jpg
Sean Freeman, March 23, 2008

072708_Joe Amrhein_lores.jpgJoe Amrhein, July 27, 2008

081008_Alex Trochut_lores.jpgAlex Trochut, August 10, 2008

120708_Eat Sleep Work Play_lores.jpgEat Sleep Work Play, December 7, 2008

042609_Kevin Lyons_lores.jpgKevin Lyons, April 26, 2009

062109_Pomme Chan_lores.jpgPomme Chan, June 21, 2009

070509_RO Blechman_lores.jpgRO Blechman, July 5, 2009

083009_Takashi Okada_lores.jpgTakashi Okada, August 30, 2009

010310_Ji Lee_lores.jpgJi Lee, January 3, 2010

"Wordplay: The lettering of 'On Language'" opens on Thursday, April 22, at The New York Times Building, 620 8th Avenue, 7th floor. RSVP is required to: galleryseven@nytimes.com. We just RSVP'd -- hope to see you there as well!

See Celebrating 'On Language' Part 1 (2005-2007) here.

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