Rolling Stone: Deja vu?

Rolling Stone: Deja vu?

Just me?

Rolling Stone, April 15, 2010; featuring the cast of Glee; 
photograph by Mark Seliger.

Rolling Stone, May 18, 1995; featuring the cast of Friends; 
photograph by Mark Seliger.

  • Andrew Lathrop

    Conceptually the Glee cover is more successful in that there is a real connection between the new throwback Glee club as a resurrected slice of Americana versus Friends, which was never remotely Rockwellian.

  • Cathy Mason

    Hmmm...I like the design but I remember 1995 too!

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    I love the homage to those old Saturday Evening Post covers by Norman Rockwell.

    Makes me want to jump in my 35 Ford Woody, cruise down to the town center and get an ice cream cone!

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