Hey Members! Fuel your creativity, check your inbox, save 15%

Hey Members! Fuel your creativity, check your inbox, save 15% It wasn't too long ago we received an e-mail at HQ that went something like this:
This may look, sound and read like a testimonial and it sure is! I have six work stations in my studio that we're upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard. The price of each upgrade is $499. With six work stations that's a lot of money! Because I'm a member of SPD, Adobe has given me a 15% discount which saved the studio $450. That's almost the cost of one complete package. (And it is, in fact, the cost of THREE SPD MEMBERSHIPS!--Ed.) There are very few instances in these tough times and in this weak economy that one is given real value and treated well without additional extra costs or hidden fees added on to a simple purchase. I appreciate the professional  programs and networking that SPD offers me and now SPD, with the support of Adobe, just...

... saved me a wad of dough on a purchase that I had to make. You can't beat that. Thank you SPD and Adobe! - Mitch Shostak, Shostak Studios, Inc.

Seriously, folks, we couldn't make this up if we tried. Mitch would kill us! But believe it: the SPD Members Adobe discount is still in effect -- enough for you (and Mitch!--Ed. again) to make the switch to CS5. Check your inbox for the e-mail we sent to all our members this morning with the discount codes, and take advantage of the Adobe® SPD Member discount to save 15% on your new software!

This is part of our Tips & Tricks series
usually curated from Adobe TV -- today's special offer is just that: special! If you can't wait for more, head over to Adobe TV and soak up the goodness, and prepare for the wonder of your new CS5.... you can never get too much of the good stuff. If you have a fave you think we should highlight, or your own experiences you'd like to share, leave it for us in the comments below and we'll feature it.

Need more tips, more often? Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Design Premium Software is the ultimate toolkit for today's designer. Express yourself in exciting new ways and deliver rich creative experiences across print, web and mobile media. Become a fan at www.facebook.com/creativesuite or follow twitter.com/creativesuite. And, as we noted here, you can save 15% on Adobe products purchased through the Adobe online store. Visit the store today!

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