Hot Rod magazine: The cover archive

Hot Rod magazine: The cover archive

Someday all magazines will have easily accessible cover archives for art directors to luxuriate in, archives where the covers are organized, well-displayed, and available for easy downloading.  We recommend the Hot Rod magazine cover archive as a model for people to follow. It's simple, easy, and complete. In addition to the full archive, 1948-present, Hot Rod has a poll for readers to select their favorite covers, and even a cover that was lost at the printer and never made it to the newsstand. Great logos, cool cars, powerful engines, sweaty headlines...'nuff said!

  • Jeremy LaCroix

    OMG! Three of my favorite things in one place.

    Cool nostalgic Design

    Awesome photo galleries with simple UI

    and HOT RODS!

    (The only pet peeve I have is that I have to scroll up and down a bit to see the entire image at the gallery level). The upside? Gigantic images!!!

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