No Makeup, No Retouching? No, Really?

No Makeup, No Retouching? No, Really?

No disrespect to J. Simps, but who does Marie Claire think their fooling with their "No makeup, No retouching" headline.

Marie Claire, April, 2010 featuring Jessica Simpson.

That said, Jessica does have "extremely powerful" teeth, and probably does not need retouching on those pearly whites. 

  • Natural beauty is always appreciated. In contrast retouched image is itself has very short lasting appealing while natural and real beauty will appeal for ever!

  • She is looking beautiful without make up or photoshop work.

  • Without makeup and also without any photoshop work she is not looking bad.

  • Is it the original photo?

  • Josh Klenert

    Warner Bros. could have save a ton of dough if they just hired Mirko Ilic to create the SATC women from scratch. Would have been just as realistic!

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