Rare Specimen No.9: Don't Run In Socks

Rare Specimen No.9: Don't Run In Socks I just loves me some good old school illustration gorgeousness. And there's no other illustrator who makes my toes curl quite like Milton Glaser. Therefore, I found myself sifting through my classical record albums over the weekend (silence those guffaws, please) and I came across this lil' honey of an illustration job that Glaser did, back in the 70's (fact checking that). You all know he'd done a whole bunch of lovely album covers, and I knew I had one, I just had to hunt it down. After that, I skittered across the hardwood floor in my socks to a book shelf where I'd stashed an old book Glaser did the cover art for, that I'd bought for a buck at a neighbor's tag sale a year ago. Grabbed it, and then limped over to another bookshelf (acquired sudden back spasm during that prior sock-on-wood move) and 
grabbed this cool, out-of-print copy of an exquisite children's book Glaser collaborated on with the prolific writer Alvin Tresselt, and lo--we've got ourselves a nice little trifecta rare specimen of purty Glaser illos as it were. I won't try and say I know anything about the story behind any of these at the moment, so feel free to chime in on what you might know about em.


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