The 2010 Fortune 500 Cover

The 2010 Fortune 500 Cover The new issue of the Fortune 500 hits the streets on Friday, April 16. Art directed by John Korpics, it features a sparkling cover by illustrator Daniel Pelavin. We love the retro feel of this one. Pelavin's hand-drawn letterforms harken back to the great Fortune 500 covers of the 50s and 60s. Pelavin has a great behind-the-scenes how-I-did-it explanation of the cover up on his Drawger blogsite. There are lots of cool sketches, and a nifty series of iterations of the 5 showing how it evolved from looking too much like an S.

You can see the complete run of Fortune 500 covers from 1956-present here, with brilliant designs by Leo Lionni, Walter Allner, and more.

  • Robert Newman

    And here's a Fortune 500 cover assigned to illustrator Chris Ware that was rejected in favor of the more traditional big number approach: It's a dead-on throwback to the illustrated covers of the 1930s, seen through the twisted lens of Chris Ware's brain.

  • Gail Anderson

    That is some handsome Danny type.

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