"The Cipriani's Experience"

Deb Bishop and I, along with a few Pub 45 pals, wandered down south yesterday for a tasting at Cipriani's Wall Street in preparation for the Gala. We blocked out an hour from our schedules and expected to sample a few bites back in a sweaty kitchen where we'd make decision like, "Chicken or beef?" We were oh so wrong. We arrived and were promptly escorted to a private dining room with lovely place settings for us, chilled Bellinis waiting (part of "the Cipriani's experience" we're told) and each adorned with 6 varietals of wine to consider.  A parade of delicious plates ensued, each dish more amazing than the one before. And 2 1/2 hours later (sorry, Real Simple!) we found ourselves stuffed, sated and, well, a bit sauced. But also convinced that choosing Chips (as we now call it) for this year's Gala may just be the best decision we made all year.

The menu choices will remain a surprise but we hope you'll join us May 7th so you too can get "the Cipriani's Experience"...SPD style! You should RSVP HERE.

photography by David Prince

  • Andrea Dunham

    I like how, given my fondness for 2.5 hour lunches, I managed NOT to be on this committee, instead somehow raised my hand for the "I"ll-try-to- rewrite-the entire-SPD-constitution" committee which doesn't include 6 varietals of wine nor Bellinis nor even a g'dam cute waiter.

  • Nathalie Kirsheh

    Cipriani Experience: Um... do i hear OPEN BAR? Right on.

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