Pub 45 After Party/After Thought

Pub 45 After Party/After Thought

What a night it was. Hosted by the gorgeous duo, CD of More Deb Bishop and PD of Real Simple (as well as SPD Pres.) Casey Tierney, which made this year's Pub 45 awards a very special one, there were kudos, cheers, great drinking and dining and all in good humor... and to top it all, those who made it to the after party got to kick back and relax (some even racked it up for a game or two of pool.)
A big thank you goes out to our after-hours host, Pound & Pence for providing the good times, and a special thank you to the gala 45's DJ George of Five Star DJ Entertainment for keeping the grooves spinning all night.

More images to follow in the coming days, so stay tuned.

See you all at our next event!

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