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Maui Wowie MauiTime is an alternative weekly newspaper based on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Art director Chris Skiles has been there since August 2009. He worked at an ad agency in Houston before taking over the art direction duties at MauiTime. His covers are bright, bold, passionate, provocative, and engaging, heavily influenced by poster design, and done on a shoestring budget (according to Skiles, about $20 an issue, on average). Skiles creates most of the cover images, either with stock photos and illustration, or by doing the illos himself. Here are 10 of the coolest MauiTime covers. 

(Above): April 22, 2010. Illustration and design by Chris Skiles.

Maui Time.jpg
(Left): December 24, 2009. Photo illustration by Chris Skiles. (Right): November 5, 2009. Photograph by Federico Novaro.

Chris Skiles: Normally for each cover I have about a day or two to figure out what I'm going to do and execute. I usually can pull off my covers without using any budget, so I try to save up those unused budgets to hire illustrators from time to time. But even then, it's a bit of begging and bartering to make it happen.

Maui Time2.jpg
(Left): April 29, 2010. Illustration by Tzu-Lan Hsieh (from a stock illustration site). (Right): April 15, 2010.

Chris Skiles: I usually will start my cover design by searching stock photography and illustration websites to see what sort of imagery I can find for the idea I have in my head. Depending on what's available I will either make the call to use some stock and modify or merge it, or completely scrap it and illustrate from scratch myself.

Maui Time3.jpg
(Left): January 14, 2010. Design and art by Chris Skiles. (Right): January 21, 2010. Design and art by Chris Skiles.

Maui Time4.jpg
April 1, 2010. This was a double cover. The image on the left was the outer cover; the April Fools! cover was on the turn page.

Maui Time5.jpg
(Left): October 29, 2009. Illustration by Len Peralta. (Right): March 4, 2010. Photograph by Sean Michael Hower.

The scary illustration is of the mayor of Maui. This was MauiTime's Halloween issue.

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  • what now toons

    Nice covers, but artists deserve to be paid properly for their work.

  • Robert Newman

    According to MauiTime art director Chris Skiles: "This cover caused quite a stir locally; many people were offended while others got the morbid humor. Adding to the chaos, Publisher Tommy Russo witnessed and recorded county employees removing issues from the racks in the county building and taking them up to the Mayors office to throw away, stirring up a First Amendment controversy. A great footnote: after the dust settled, this cover won a statewide award of merit."

  • Mike Solita

    Oh man ... that Halloween cover is incredible ... lol. Would love to know what the response was.

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