Meet the Fortune Art Department, 1947

Meet the Fortune Art Department, 1947 What was it like to work in the Fortune art department in 1947? The obsessive Fortune online archive Full Table has a scan of an issue of Time Inc's in-house journal FYI completely devoted to answering that question. There's a photo and bio of every art department member, plus background info on how they put pages together, handle production and printing, research photographs, and much more. We find out that the staff refers to art director Will Burtin as "The Human Art Director."

(Pictured above): Fortune art director Will Burtin and the layout room

"More than any other magazine, FORTUNE avoids merely dropping illustrations into a page or surrounding pictures with type. The word 'art' in FORTUNE means complete integration of paintings, drawings, photographs, charts, maps, diagrams, typography, design, format and the layout of the pages."

Some things in the 1947 art department seem very contemporary: The art staff drinks a lot of coffee and works in a bullpen. But we're guessing current Fortune design director John Korpics does not have a secretary who is a former army sergeant, and Photoshop has replaced the staff "airbrush expert."

Thanks to former Fortune photography director Greg Pond for digging up this wonderful archival document.
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