Rare Specimens, Indeed

Rare Specimens, Indeed

So you think you've got rare specimens? I'll see your rare specimen and raise you one major rare specimen that I dug up in preparation for the upcoming HOW conference in June. I recently dug up some old stuff for a talk on inspiration, and while combing through my bookshelves, came across one of my earliest attempts at page layout--my J5 scrapbook. 

Note the silhouettes and the custom typography. The flow. The structure. The...uh, attention to detail. Who knew that a little Elmer's Glue could actually stick to a page for over 35 years?

Click on the first image and try to read the letter on the lower left if you can.

Dig the stars.

Note the silo on Jermaine's 'fro.


  • Nancy Stamatopoulos

    CUSTOM ILLOS, SILO's, COLUMN GRIDS, Gail, this is INSANELY good ("Stop, stop, stop!" is clouding my head right now.) Feeling nostalgic for my old J-5 vinyl. Why did I give those albums away to my punky little neighbor Kathleen???

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