Salt Adds Flavor: Behind the Gala Video

Salt Adds Flavor: Behind the Gala Video

SPD members, meet Salt!  They are the brilliant design firm responsible for the opening video you saw at  Friday's Gala.  For those of you who missed it or, like me, want to see it over and over again, watch with us after the jump...

We had great fun developing this with Salt. Our intention was to put together a video montage that celebrates SPD's 45 year history and really highlights the work, YOUR work. We knew we had the material and Salt had the mad skills to bring it to life.

Salt's Executive Producer, Drew Bourneuf and Creative Director, Eric Fulford, share some of their team's insight into the process:
"The client went to great and seldom seen efforts to organize the hundreds of assets that would become the backbone of the piece...when we walked into the conference room and saw all of this imagery laid out on the table in printed form, it made a strong impression.  We wanted to give the audience that same experience."
I particularly like the part where the "printed form" made a "strong impression."  Pretty powerful thing, huh?  We chose the song "Lisztomania" by Phoenix because it had the right feeling and there are a couple refrains like, "this is show time, this is show time" and "from a mess to the masses" that felt so appropriate.  Thank you, Salt, for pulling all these components together into one powerful package.

Need that song right now?
Buy it from Amazon, part of Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" CD, or download the mp3 album from them for a little less. Or go wild on the "Lisztomania" remixes Amazon has as instant mp3s.
Also available at iTunes here.

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