The Newsweek Cover Legacy

The Newsweek Cover Legacy We were saddened to hear the news last week that Newsweek has been put up for sale by its owner, the Washington Post. We've always been fans of the magazine, and it has a strong visual heritage, particularly on its covers. Newsweek's covers haven't been collected into an online archive like Time's, so unfortunately they're not accessible as a body of work. We dug deep into our archives and collected some of the coolest Newsweek covers from the past 50 years. Let's hope someone smart (and with a lot of money) buys Newsweek and maintains this heritage.

(Above): July 30, 1973. Art director: Alfred Lowry; illustration: Welbeck Studios.

Newsweek covers.a.jpg
(Left): September 11, 1961. (Right): April 24, 1961.

Newsweek covers.jpg
(Left): February 24, 1964. (Right): November 21, 1966.

Newsweek covers2a.jpg
(Left): November 12, 1973. Art director: Alfred Lowry; illustrator: Robert V. Engle. (Right): May 31, 1971.

Newsweek covers3.jpg
(Left): September 11, 1983. (Right): November 20, 2000, art director: Lynn Staley.

Newsweek covers3a.jpg
(Left): December 29, 2008 (this is the international version of the domestic cover). Illustration by Lorenzo Petrantoni; art directors: Amid Capeci and Bruce Ramsay. (Right): May 26, 2009, art direction: Number 17.

Thanks to Stephen Kroninger for his contribution to this story.

See a Facebook collection of 30 classic Newsweek covers here.

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