George Clooney, Anton Corbijn and 'The American'

George Clooney, Anton Corbijn and 'The American'

While the 2010 summer movie season has been shaky at best, here's something to look forward to in the Fall: The American. Photographer Anton Corbijn get in the directors seat for this thriller set in Italy. 

Watch the trailer after the jump.

For more from Corbijn, read his The American blog. Here's an excerpt:

Survived the test screening in New Jersey, just about. We only had 4 walkouts which is not bad. If i had shown CONTROL there i think there would have been a lot more people heading for the door.  As it is, i will continue editing, starting again today, Easter monday. 
Wish it was raining, makes it so much easier to go into the darkness of the edit suite. I'm going to look at the ending of the film and make sure it is understood by more people. No way i'm going to let you in on the actual ending so you will have to wait and see. Or wait longer and go and see the sequel, in 3D of course.

New Video: 
Director Anton Corbijn among others talk about 'The American'

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