Get Up To Speed on Adobe's CS5 In Just One Night

Get Up To Speed on Adobe's CS5 In Just One Night One thing we hear, frequently, at HQ is something along the lines of, "I really, really need you guys to do a night that's all about the iPad." And we promise--we are working on that! Something else we hear frequently though is that no matter what you're doing on the iPad, you're most likely doing that in CS5--to the relief of many, it is most likely some combination of the new and improved InDesign, maybe some Flash Catalyst skills, better-integrated Photoshop and Illustrator techniques. So before we get to the "just about the iPad" night, make sure your skills are up-to-date and ready to go--we have a special Summer Speakeasy on July 14th that's not only going to get you ready to go, but is free for current SPD members (and just a little moolah for non-members). Get the info and registration after the jump, and get ready to get better at everything...

Bring your laptop, bring your questions, get ready for an overview of everything that's going to make your life, and your work, better in CS5. Here's a sampling of what you'll learn:
InDesign Interactive and Improved Print Tools

- Easily animate content using intuitive motion presets.

- Add video and sound.

- Create multi-state objects for slideshows and more.

- Plus great enhancements to the print layout tools you know and love.

Flash Catalyst
- What is Flash Catalyst?

- Create buttons.

- Animate transitions between states.

- Create scrollable areas with working scrollbars

- Edit artwork in Photoshop or or Illustrator.

Illustrator & Photoshop

- Vary the width of individual strokes.

- Build shapes more intuitively with the Shape Builder tool.

- New drawing modes and a perspective grid make drawing easier.

- Crisp web graphics and text.

- Remove elements like magic with content aware fill.

- Complex selection are made easy with the enhanced Refine Edge.

- Distort photos in new ways with Puppet Warp.

- New realistic painting tools.

Leading us into this brave new world? Dan Rodney, the Senior Tech Guru and Instructor at Noble Desktop where he's been teaching and developing course material since 1999. Dan has a wide range of experience in both web and print design--from hand coding in a Silicon Alley web studio to book design/production in SoHo. His real-life work on projects and experience training thousands of students not only make him the ultimate power user, but also give Dan a rare ability to inspire and educate people.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Helen Mills Theatre
137-139 West 26th Street (between 6th & 7th Aves), NYC

Doors open at 6:30 PM
Presenation at 7:00 PM

SPD Members, $FREE WITH ADVANCE RSVP ($10 at the door, if tickets remain, CASH ONLY)
Non-Members, $20 in advance ($30 at the door, if tickets remain, CASH ONLY)
Students & faculty with valid ID, $10 in advance ($5 at the door, if tickets remain, CASH ONLY)

RSVP early!  All tickets, and seating, are first come, first served.

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This is part of our Tips & Tricks series usually curated from Adobe TV -- if you can't wait for more, head over to Adobe TV and soak up the goodness, and prepare for the wonder of your new CS5.... you can never get too much of the good stuff. If you have a fave you think we should highlight, or your own experiences you'd like to share, leave it for us in the comments below and we'll feature it.

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