Inspiration, or.....???

Inspiration, or.....??? On the left, New York magazine's BEST DOCTORS cover, 2003. On the right, Seattle magazine's TOP DOCS cover, July 2010. Notice the "Take a break!" signature on both casts.

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  • Kevin Foley

    I figured it would be best to go directly to the source. I e-mailed the art director to let them know about this debate but have not heard back and no comments on this forum as of yet.

    Maybe someone from SPD would have better luck?

  • Lee
  • Lee

    Judging from past issues of Seattle magazine, which were blatant rip-offs of other NY Magazine covers, Esquire spreads and numerous other pubs, this definitely seems like a blatant rip-off.

  • Neil Jamieson

    Cheers Dan, more resources doesn't always seem to garner stronger work though, often means more speed bumps. Heres to being more ambitious with limited cash (and thus more ambitious and creative...hopefully!)

  • dp_danpeterson

    Nice thought Neil, let's hope there's more to it. It would be great to hear the story.

    I'm always jealous of your resources over there, if this situation was here in Australia, it would literally be the editor and art/creative director to blame.


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